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Adwaith shine is a Fashion, Advertising and Special effects photographer and cinematographer based in India

While in film school, I chose cinematography as my specialty and had the opportunity to work on two features in Malayalam. However, it was during my time in Mumbai, where I pursued a short course in photography, that everything changed. One class, dedicated to commercial photography, ignited a passion within me that I couldn't ignore.

Returning to my hometown, I began taking on projects as both a photographer and cinematographer. Delving into my own narrative as a photographer often feels like navigating a labyrinth of emotions and perspectives. There's a delicate balance between the intricacies of my obsessions and the enigmatic complexity of my craft. For me, photography transcends mere aesthetics; it's about infusing each image with palpable emotion. Beauty alone is transient; it's the emotion coursing through the veins of the photograph that breathes life into the stillness.

Immersing myself in the same light as my subjects, I yearn to hear the symphony of background noises and feel the gentle caress of their skin. If my images can evoke even a fraction of that visceral connection in the viewer, I consider it a triumph.

In this ever-evolving journey of photography, I've merely scratched the surface of its boundless depths. With each click of the shutter, I uncover new facets of both the medium and myself. I surrender to the intoxicating madness of the craft, allowing it to consume me wholly.

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