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Adwaith Shine is a Commercial, Still life, Fashion photographer and cinematographer currently working in Malayalam film industry. His first film as chief cinematographer 2 penkuttikal won Kerala State Film Award for best child actress and started working as a cinematographer for feature films in his 20th age and he has been one of the members of FEFKA (Film Employees Federation of Kerala) and CUMAC(Cinematographers Union Of Malayalam Cinema). He has done under graduation in film technology in Director of photography at chennai. Special course in Photography at Udaan school of photography mumbai and Muybridge film school chennai.

Having worked for major clothing brands and designers from india, he is updated with latest technologies, who deploys new techniques on every project to challenge him and enhance the quality of his work. Adwaith shine creates innovative and cutting edge imagery to satisfy the imagination of commercial and editorial clients.


As a Director of photography, he opts for visual simplicity and controlled expressiveness to achieve maximum visual impact. Adwaith produces his own brand of aesthetic excellence using his understanding of the foundations of the image, composition, surrounding environment, and the most effective lighting for the setup. He pushes the image even further by provoking emotion through mood and storytelling.


Adwaith's dedication to commercial photography has earned him an international audience. Through experience, he has come to specialise and excel in high-speed product photography and cinematography. In collaboration with a team of professionals, Adwaith is also capable of executing more complex conceptual endeavours. He excels at what he does, but he has not let his success stop him from learning in order to facilitate new and greater projects.

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